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about me 

    Hi, I’m Chloe Bren, a multi-medium artist in the Pacific Northwest. Drawing and painting aren’t just my hobbies, they are my primary means of vocation, connection, and expression. It’s how I can infuse joy and meaning into others’ lives, while similarly impacting my own. 


    I've always used art as a form of self expression and over time, different stages called for different mediums. What began as pencil on paper soon evolved into acrylics, oils, watercolors, ink, and markers. These tools gave me access to my feelings, along with the ability to put them into tangible form. Through art, I found respite from sadness and anxiety, and oftentimes, a healthy means to express it. 


    My art respects all walks of life. Whether it’s people, plants, Earth, or animals, I aim to capture their moods and showcase the beauty in each and every object. And while my subjects vary, pet portraits have become my most cherished and celebrated work. 


    Pets aren’t just their own creatures, they are reflections of those who love them most. By offering a playful rendition of people’s dog, cat, or special critter, I get to help them remember the spirit of their beloved animal, so it’ll be commemorated for eternity.

    I’m grateful to everyone who engages with my art. As it does for me, may it allow you to feel something, remember someone, or to seek whatever your soul might be aching to express. 

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